SUPS 12900

SUPS 12900

Livguard through its presence in solar space strives to provide a one stop solution for its customers. In lieu of this objective, Livguard provides the Solar UPS under the Vave brand. A Solar UPS converts DC into usable AC, regulates the voltage of DC before giving it to the main supply. Vave Solar UPS is a powerful hybrid inverter with inbuilt highest rating Charge Controller of 50A.


Rating : 12V/ 24V (Auto Sensing)

Battery Voltage : 12V

PV Rating Max : Max 800W

PV Open Circuit Voltage : Max 25V

Charging Current @100V AC : >=8A


  • Pure Sine Wave technology
  • Smart interactive user interface (LCD display)
  • Enhanced battery life through Real Time Clock
  • In-built highest rating Charge Controller (50A)