Livguard Solar

Livguard, in a short span of two years, with an eye to become a strong player in Energy Solutions space has come up with their latest offering – in the Solar Solutions space. Livguard Solar offers energy unlimited by providing solar solutions for Small Office Home Office (SOHO) and residential applications through Solar Panels, UPS, Charge Controller and Retro Fitment Solutions.
The power in India is either costly or deficient, leading to rising electricity bills, or inconsistent and unstable power and even regular breakdowns. This creates an environment that is chaotic, insecure, stressful and expensive. Livguard, with its belief in “SURAJ SE BIJLI. AZAD ZINDAGI” frees you from high electricity bills by making you energy self-sufficient. Livguard Solar Solutions helps save on expenditure, and provides electrical energy autonomy through reliable quality. Our solutions are easy-to-install and are backed by solid domain expertise.

Why Solar?

Solar Product Range