LT 2010 XA (XOLTA)

LT 2010 XA (XOLTA)

The Stabilizers are designed and manufactured under strict and high quality standards which make this an ideal guard of your equipment from Voltage fluctuations. Livguard Digital Voltage Stabilizer is manufactured at India’s Largest ISO 9001/14001 certified Stabilizer plant and is a result of intense research and development undertaken to provide the best to the customers.


Low/High Cut Off : 90V / 300V
Working Range : 100V – 300V
Application : One LED / LCD + DVD/ DTH (Upto 2 A Max)

Installation Type : Wall Mounting / Table top
Warranty : 3 Years
Warranty Type : On site


  • IC based design
  • Spike protection
  • Initial Turn On Delay
  • Smart Thermal Management
  • High / Low voltage Cutof