Livguard Launches Automotive Battery Range

Livguard is part of the SAR Group, which was established in 1988 by visionary founder Mr. Rakesh Malhotra. In the last two decades, the group has established Luminous as the # 1 brand in the Inverter/Battery market and Livpure as the fastest growing RO brand.

Powered by over two decades of leadership, innovation & excellence, Livguard announced the launch of Auto Batteries – ‘Livguard Zing’, ‘Livguard Primo’, ‘Livguard Pradhan’ and ‘Tez by Luminous’ Home UPS & Inverter Battery in Punjab on Thursday 19th February 2015.

Livguard Zing Automotive Batteries are unique in the sense that they are completely sealed and require ‘Zero Maintenance’ & ‘No Water top up’. Essentially a Zing battery is 100% Maintenance Free. Zing batteries are designed using latest Calcium Calcium Silver Technology from America.

Livguard Primo Automotive Batteries are Maintenance Free Car batteries and Livguard Pradhan Automotive Batteries are Low Maintenance Tractor Batteries specially designed for Indian conditions.

The batteries are manufactured in a global plant under stringent and high quality standards. Livguard offers a wide range of batteries for different vehicles including Cars, MUVs, SUVs, Two Wheelers and Commercial Vehicles (Tractors).

The company offers its customers advanced technology coupled with superior features keeping in line with our tagline “Zindagi ke har mod par, Bharosa sirf Livguard Battery ka!” that builds the trust and reliability of the product among the target customers. These batteries have been developed and designed keeping the customers preference in mind : in terms of performance, long life and value for money.

Livguard is also offering best-in-class after sales service support through a pan-India service network. Livguard is driven by the need to ensure that every customer experience the best – product and service!

Tez by Luminous range of Home UPS & Inverter Batteries product portfolio includes Tubular Batteries of different capacities & warranty period to meet the needs of the market. Tubular batteries essentially offer higher back-up time over the conventional flat plate batteries.

The company’s vision is to be a global leader in energy storage products driven by innovative technology and excellence in manufacturing & services.

The company plans to establish Livguard among the Top 3 brands in the energy storage business in India by year 2017. This mission will be accomplished through exceptional product quality, delightful service & committed partners.


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