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FAQs : Livguard Automotive Battery

What are the main causes of battery failure?

Main causes of battery failure are :

  • High temperature
  • High vibration
  • Deep draining / failure to recharge after drops in voltage
  • A faulty alternator:

How should I store my batteries?

Fully charge the battery prior to storage and then disconnect it from the vehicle to prevent small electrical drains (such as in-car clocks, security systems and so on) from draining it. Check the battery voltage periodically and recharge it if it falls below 12.6 volts.

How long should ones car battery last?

The life of the battery depend upon many factors including:

  • The initial construction of the battery
  • The climate in which the vehicle is operated
  • Usage of Vehicle
  • Maintenance of Vehicle
  • Maintenance of Battery

What is a sealed battery?

This means the battery is sealed during manufacture and doesn’t have provision to add distilled water to the cells. Most Calcium Calcium batteries are sealed and are ‘maintenance free’ with minimal or reduced fluid loss due to gassing, the fluid level under normal conditions will last for the life cycle of the battery.

What is a calcium silver battery?

A calcium and silver component is added to both the positive and negative plates; this reduces water loss through gassing and allows the container to be sealed and maintenance free. More and more modern cars are using these types of batteries to combat higher power demands by the vehicle as they are less likely to be effected by extreme heat and higher charge rates.

What is Sulphation?

Sulphation is the chemical reaction between the sulphuric acid and the lead plates within a battery. When a battery discharges ‘sulphate’ crystals form on the plates, which reduces the capacity of a battery. This occurs as soon as a battery is discharged. Batteries kept in a poor state of charge will form ‘hard’ sulphation, which permanently damages a battery. To reduce sulphation it is important to recharge a battery and return it to a full state of charge as soon a possible.

What is an Amp Hour (Ah) rating?

An Amp Hour rating is a way of describing a battery’s capacity, commonly calculated at the 20 Ah rate. Essentially it is a measure of how long a battery will last (hours) for a given load (amps) before it is considered discharged. The Amp Hour calculation can vary between manufacturers and batteries.

What should one consider when buying a battery?

There are several key factors one should consider when buying a battery , they are :

  • Technology Type
  • Battery group size
  • Cold cranking amps (CCA)
  • Reserve capacity (RC)

What is the function of Magic eye in Livguard Automotive Battery?

Monitoring battery health
Helps the customer to keep a track of replacement cycle of the battery.

What does Ca-Ca technology in Livguard Automotive battery stand for & what is the benefit?

Ca-Ca or calcium-calcium technology in a battery allows increased battery life, less water loss and high quality plates.

How is Livguard battery different from the nearest competitor?

The major difference is the QUALITY & Commitment of SAR Group, we deliver what we promise in terms of full rated capacity, & Zero Maintenance

Why should one prefer to buy Livguard Automotive batteries?

Livguard Batteries is the work of premium workmanship that ensures peak performance. A robust service policy & ‘ready to help’ customer care is a complete package for the peace of mind to the end user.

A fully loaded technologically advanced features also tilts the preference of Livguard batteries over competitors.

Why is Livguard Automotive battery better than the Competition?

Livguard Automotive battery comes from the house of SAR who have more than 25 Years of knowledgeable experience in the field of power storage and management . Battery business which is back-bone of the group after establishing their flagship brand ‘Luminous’ in the market has now diversified into Automotive battery business. The product is the work of state of art technologically advanced components ensuring very high reliability factor for a maintenance free & reliable product .

The product has the backing of a well trained Sales & Service Engineering team that strengthen the support to establish the product in the market & in the minds of customer. A full fledged customer service lend an added advantage for complete customer satisfaction in terms of attending to any nature of complaints. To further establish the product in the market we are investing in promotional activities with Sachin Tendulkar endorsing the brand .

To compliment the above features our batteries are priced at par with the competition who cannot boast of such extensive research & development , manufacturing standards , superior technology & Sales + Service support .

We, as a company are confident that our products are ‘best in quality’ & ensure that we deliver what we promise.