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About Us

About Livguard Energy Technologies Private Limited

Livguard is part of the SAR Group, which was established in 1988 by our visionary founder Mr. Rakesh Malhotra. In the last two decades, the group has established Luminous as the # 1 brand in the Inverter/Battery sector and Livpure as the fastest growing brand in the RO water sector.

Powered by over two decades of leadership, innovation and excellence, Livguard Energy Technologies bring to you, a leading range of 100% maintenance free Auto Batteries – Livguard Zing.

We plan to propel Livguard amongst the Top 3 brands in India by year 2017 through exceptional product quality, delightful service and committed channel partners. Livguard Zing Automotive Batteries are unique, being completely sealed and requiring ‘Zero Maintenance’ and ‘No Water top up’. Zing batteries are designed using latest Calcium Calcium Silver Technology from America and manufactured in a global plant under stringent and high quality standards.

About SAR Group

SAR Group was founded by Mr. Rakesh Malhotra in 1988 and has built various consumer household brands such as Luminous – one of the well-known Indian consumer brands in the inverter and battery category.

Today, the Group is a conglomerate with diversified businesses across Telecom, Water, Cleantech, Power management, Supply Chain, Distribution and, Real Estate.

SAR Group is enriched with an employee strength of 1,000+ people, a pan-India distributor network and channel partners spanning across 2000 distributors and 40,000 retailers. The group product portfolio includes Power electronics, Water purifiers, Mobile handsets, Mobile accessories and, Voltage stabilizers.

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Press Release

Livguard Launches Automotive Battery Range

Livguard is part of the SAR Group, which was established in 1988 by visionary founder Mr. Rakesh Malhotra. In the last two decades, the group has established Luminous as the # 1 brand in the Inverter/Battery market and Livpure as the fastest growing RO brand – 19th February 2015

Career at Livguard

A bright future for bright individuals

We at Livguard continually seek creative and focused minds to bring new dimensions to our vision to continuously develop and deliver innovative technology and services that meet ever-changing consumer needs. We believe that our people are our pillars of strength, and we keep our people Happy with our Passion, Optimism, Humility and Appreciation. We have fun while we work. A bright future is awaiting bright individuals. Come be a part of us! Let’s create an exciting future together!!

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Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Rakesh Malhotra

They say attitude separates the great. It clearly reflects in the case of Mr. Rakesh Malhotra. For, his restlessness with the ordinary always talked volumes about him. Not settling for WHAT-IS, he always showcased traits visible in scientists and great visionaries. What changes can be made to the existing structures and technologies to make them at par with future ready generation. Mr. Malhotra’s this very attitude brought him to the doors of entrepreneurship after completing his engineering studies followed by industry a brief stint with the industry.

Starting his innings with Luminous Power Technologies, he coined the success mantra for the company. As the flagship product of the brand, Luminous Power Technologies caught the attention of Schneider Electric and soon the process of handing over an established market leader started and the stage was set for change of hands. The brand was sold to Schneider in its entirety, but certain elements were still retained, like experiences and readying blueprints for success stories, apart from others. Charting on to many paths, his driving force still remains his innovative spirit to add something extra to his products backed by extraordinary services. He mainly stretches his arms in businesses which are still a concept to the contemporary, so the visionary in him always takes precedence than his marketing side. Like, he has set up an India-centric VC fund with an anchor investment of USD 30 million, apart from Telecom, Water, Renewable Energy and logistics.

Known for his unique approach towards marketing, he lays down a different plan for a different vertical of business, which is more industry specific than market specific.

No wonder, Mr. Malhotra is the silent spectator, an active participator and a prolific mentor to many entrepreneurs too.

Navneet Kapoor

Navneet joined Rakesh Malhotra, right after completing his engineering degree and has been one the main pillars of SAR Group for the last 20 years. One of the main forces behind Luminous Power Technologies, he handles functional areas like procurement, supply chain, production, project management. He holds key elements in SAR Group’s success graph.

Mr Gurpreet Bhatia

Mr Gurpreet Bhatia, an engineer by profession comes with a formidable experience of over 25 years in B2B and B2C channels in local and global roles of Marketing, Sales and Strategy. During his tenure with companies like Castrol India, Shell India and Bharat Petroleum he has gained vast expertise in Leadership of large teams and setting new businesses, P&L Accountability, International Marketing, Brand and Channel Management, Business Development, Relationship Management and Operations. Armed with required experience of successfully operating in large, multicultural and cross functional team both at local and global level and supported by strong leadership and communication skills, he has been instrumental in planning new entries and establishing brands in small district level, national and International geographies in his previous roles.

Alankar Mittal

Being associated with leading brands like Vintron Informatics Ltd., Microtek International Pvt. Ltd., Kobian Singapore Pte Ltd. (MNC), Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd., expertise comes naturally to Mr. Alankar Mittal. With over 17 years experience in Sales, Marketing, Channel & After Sales Service Management, his experience across many industries / trades makes him a master of all trades, like IT hardware, Power Back Up solutions, Diesel Gensets, Home Electrical, Water purifier, Mobile devices and Mobile Accessories.

Atul Jalota

A Chartered Accountant by profession, Mr. Atul Jalota has earlier worked with leading Indian business houses and a multi-national investment bank, before taking up the charge at SAR Group. A man of 20 years of experience in Corporate Finance, Investment Banking and Operations, he was a co-founder of a software product company in the Telecom Billing Domain. This, later grew to over 500 people and a revenue of USD 30 Mil within 10 years of inception – and owes its success to Mr. Jalota.

Paresh Pradhan

An Electronic engineer he wears many hats with aplomb. He is a certified life coach and an immensely experienced individual with diverse expertise. Be it service, management, strategic planning or HR, he has contributed in delivering excellence for the SAR Group for over 22 years now. His total experience adds up to 25 years and he is currently handling Livegreen and clean energy.

Mission and Objective

Mission and Objective

Livguard MISSION is to position itself amongst top 3 players in Automotive Battery business in India by 2017, this will be achieved by developing an ecosystem of committed partners, exceptional product quality & delightful services.

Livguard OBJECTIVE is to provide products and services to serve the changing market/consumer landscape, create enduring progressive partnerships & ensure profitable business growth with availability of advanced technologically & reliable products that offer value for money proposition to our consumers.


SAR Values in action

Aim outside your comfort zone, invest / deploy resources prudently as working like an owner of your own business

This is about entrepreneurship and setting stretched goals; high performance, not tolerating mediocrity, get-up-and-go, audacity, energy; spotting opportunities, outsmarting competition, being an ambassador of the organization; continuously seeking to innovate processes, practices and deliverables; watching investment & cost very carefully taking calculated risks while deeply understanding its implications.


Inspire and energize your team

Building a shared Vision developing clear goals and standards of performance; encouraging accountability through empowerment; demonstrating and supporting a healthy work/life balance; appreciating in case of outstanding work and taking right action if work is consistently below standards.

SAR values connect: EMPOWERMENT

Measure, track and review results

This is about delivering on commitments and focusing on results; executing; perseverance; discipline; knowing your numbers; asking when in doubt.Recognizing and rewarding performance of team.


Analyze customer needs and being a customer champion

Customer first- that’s the reason why we exist! exploring and analyzing customer needs; being responsive. Delivering products & services towards customers
delight. Knowing the competition and learning what they do well. Being a customer champion, having a long term focus.

SAR values connect: CUSTOMER-FOCUSED

Communicate honestly and listen carefully

This is about listening with the belief that what others are saying is worthwhile; being open to ideas. When feedback is given, listening with a spirit of ‘tell me more; first acknowledging and then adding your own; being committed to continuous learning. Being on time is also an important way of respecting others.


Teamwork: Creating winning team working with trust

This is about collaborating towards a common goal: creating value through cooperation and teamwork;working in a boundary-less manner,breaking down work silos; holding each other to accountable, supporting; sharing knowledge; demonstrating confidence in others, doing more together.

SAR values connect: TEAMWORK

Livguard Launches Automotive Battery Range

Livguard is part of the SAR Group, which was established in 1988 by visionary founder Mr. Rakesh Malhotra. In the last two decades, the group has established Luminous as the # 1 brand in the Inverter/Battery market and Livpure as the fastest growing RO brand.

Powered by over two decades of leadership, innovation & excellence, Livguard announced the launch of Auto Batteries – ‘Livguard Zing’, ‘Livguard Primo’, ‘Livguard Pradhan’ and ‘Tez by Luminous’ Home UPS & Inverter Battery in Punjab on Thursday 19th February 2015.

Livguard Zing Automotive Batteries are unique in the sense that they are completely sealed and require ‘Zero Maintenance’ & ‘No Water top up’. Essentially a Zing battery is 100% Maintenance Free. Zing batteries are designed using latest Calcium Calcium Silver Technology from America.

Livguard Primo Automotive Batteries are Maintenance Free Car batteries and Livguard Pradhan Automotive Batteries are Low Maintenance Tractor Batteries specially designed for Indian conditions.

The batteries are manufactured in a global plant under stringent and high quality standards. Livguard offers a wide range of batteries for different vehicles including Cars, MUVs, SUVs, Two Wheelers and Commercial Vehicles (Tractors).

The company offers its customers advanced technology coupled with superior features keeping in line with our tagline “Zindagi ke har mod par, Bharosa sirf Livguard Battery ka!” that builds the trust and reliability of the product among the target customers. These batteries have been developed and designed keeping the customers preference in mind : in terms of performance, long life and value for money.

Livguard is also offering best-in-class after sales service support through a pan-India service network. Livguard is driven by the need to ensure that every customer experience the best – product and service!

Tez by Luminous range of Home UPS & Inverter Batteries product portfolio includes Tubular Batteries of different capacities & warranty period to meet the needs of the market. Tubular batteries essentially offer higher back-up time over the conventional flat plate batteries.

The company’s vision is to be a global leader in energy storage products driven by innovative technology and excellence in manufacturing & services.

The company plans to establish Livguard among the Top 3 brands in the energy storage business in India by year 2017. This mission will be accomplished through exceptional product quality, delightful service & committed partners.