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Livguard Automotive Batteries

Automotive batteries for Cars, Two-Wheelers, Commercial Vehicles and Tractors

Livguard is an emerging powerhouse in the energy solution space. The company stands for technical achievements, innovation, quality, reliability and contemporariness. The promoters of Luminous brand have come together yet again with a world of proven talent, delivering breakthrough innovations, giving customers a unique competitive edge and enabling societies to master their most vital challenges by creating sustainable value via brand Livguard.

Livguard is an evolving player starting with its offering in automotive batteries, Inverters and Power backup, Mobile Accessories, Stabilizers and Solar renewable energy. Under Automotive battery Livguard provides a complete and extensive range of products for various segments – passenger vehicles, two-wheelers, tractors, commercial vehicles, three-wheelers and E-Rickshaws.More


Livguard – Rough India Ki Tough Battery

We have built our range of batteries to survive the vagaries of Real India – rough roads, scorching temperatures, heavy monsoons, snow, dust and everything else found on the city roads, narrow village streets and unpredictable highways.

We start with what is inside every tough battery we make. Each component is chosen for durability and unlimited power. We have taken these vital elements and ensure they are built to highest standards. All elements are brought together with the best available technology and machinery to create a range that gives enormous power, long durability and continuous peace of mind.

Here are the Livguard ADVANTAGES. Each is a reason to provide Rough India Ki Tough Battery

The lead core grid that you find in every Livguard battery is a feat in design and science. We call it the “SuperStrong ActiveGrid Technology”. It has a unique ‘Converging’ design that makes the flow of the charge faster and more efficient. Instead of straight lines the grid converges upon the main connector. The specialized twisted wire design also ensures improved bonding between expanded grid & active material thereby improving the battery life. The precision layout through expanded grid provides uniformity in thickness providing consistence active material weight thus maximizing the surface area to squeeze out more power every time. The cold rolled strips used for expanded Grid are free from surface irregularities and are uniform in grain flow resulting into low corrosion and high acid resistivity.


  • Higher cranking power
  • Easier cold starts
  • No buckling. Minimum risk of short circuit
  • Smooth and continuous flow of power
  • Instant response

Unlike other brands, Livguard goes a step further to ensure better performance. We make sure that the lead grid is protected on both sides by pasting the precision cut sleeves on both sides. This eliminates plate buckling and improves the life of the battery. In addition this extra attention to detail increases the surface area and results in higher cranking power every time you turn the key.


  • Longer life of each plate
  • Better durability
  • No buckling. No short circuits
  • Ability to take on rough roads
  • More power when you need it.
  • Minimum down time discharge

One of the most important components and yet it is overlooked by most other battery brands. The Glass Mat separators play an important role in keeping the battery working at peak performance and also as a safety device by reducing the chance of a short circuit. All Livguard batteries have precision cut Glass mats made from low resistance microporous PE for current to pass easily. These are perfect in terms of size. They cover the entire grid and offer stability structure.


  • Lead core grid is protected
  • Longer battery life
  • Safer journeys
  • Better power output
  • Jerks, bumps and other shocks are cushioned
  • Better build quality

Each grid is carefully wrapped in a High grade Polyethylene envelope. Here again Livguard has ensured the best quality. A high rib height acts as a perfect shock absorber. Cushioning the plates from any thing that the road might throw. Together with the precision glass mats these envelopes ensure that both the positive and negative terminals work at peak output at all times.


  • Higher efficiency
  • Smoother flow of power
  • Robust and Strong battery
  • Keeps the grids safe. No short circuits
  • Minimizes discharge
  • Longer life

The heart of a battery is the purity of Leadwith which the grid is made. This heart needs to be as pure as possible. Impurities or a lower quality metal results in a weaker chemical reaction with a loss of efficiency and power. Livguard only uses the purest lead available to form the heart of its batteries. This ensures better performance, higher power output and a longer life.


  • Longer life
  • Minimum trickle discharge
  • Instant cranking power
  • Smoother power flow
  • Faster charging
  • Maintenance free.

A battery is made up of a number of cells. These work in unison to give you power. Venting of these cells is of primary importance. Livguard has now brought to India for the first time Poka Yoke Gang plug. This superior venting system ensures a better flow-back of condensed electrolyte and also protects the battery from the plugs being swapped.


  • Superior system that maximizes battery performance
  • Battery maintenance has never been so easy
  • Longer life by better electrolyte usage.
  • More power on demand
  • Safety first as gasses are vented efficiently.